Aamir Khan the superstar will play the controversial Godman Osho who advocated free sex. He was also called as Rajinish. The people would go naked in his Ashram and enjoy sex where ever the liked. Aamirkhan will be Rajinish and Alia will play his secretary who was also notorious.

Now that people say Ranbir is a better actor than Aamir, Aamir is all set to do the Rajinish which would be a different movie for him altogether. Alia Bhatt slowly is blossoming into a big star and her relationship is also growing with Sanju star Ranbir Kapoor. She met his family members also.

Aamir Khan

Alia will be Aanandi in the film Osho precisely called as Maa Aanandi. Popular star Vinod Khanna was also a follower of Osho and later he died due to cancer. As of now, Aamir is busy with the film Thugs of Hindostan, where Amitabh the big B has also done a key role. On the other hand, Aamir is also planning the Mahabharata which became very controversial when he announced it earlier. He also said he would do the role of Srikrishna, but people were opposed to in the name of caste and religion. Some people supported him.