Industrial growth is increasing rapidly in the State. IT growth is steadily progressing. The fact that in the last five years, IT exports increased from Rs 52,000 Crore to Rs 1.10 Lakh crore shows the achievements we recorded in the IT sector in our state.

The government is implementing a special strategy for the development of the twin cities. The government is planning to increase the number of Basti Clinics to give free medical help to the poor. The Metro Rail is providing better transportation to the people.

The archaic and obsolete Revenue Acts have inflicted immense damage to farmers and the people. We have to undo these damages. Hence the government is engrossed in preparing a new revenue Act. Let me share good news with you that in the coming Budget session of the Assembly, the new Revenue Act will be introduced. The proposed act will give no room for corruption or laxity. People are aware and know that the government is giving special encouragement to the village industries and hereditary professions. The schemes being implemented for the welfare and development of weavers and toddy tappers are all in front of the people’s eyes. The government has given an equal status to all festivals of all the communities. Giving respect to everyone’s sentiments, the government is protecting the Ganga Jamuna Tehjeeb with commitment.

We have become a role model in the country, by running 906 Residential Schools for the Dalits, tribals, backward classes and the minorities. We are implementing welfare programmes for advocates and journalists, which no other state is doing.