A movie on Weight lifter Malleswari

Weight lifter Malleswari

Kona Venkat the popular writer is coming up with a movie on Olympic medal winner in Weight lifting by name Karnam Malleshwari. She is from Andhra Pradesh.

Venkat the popular comedy writer and producer of some movies will also produce the biopic of Malleswari. Malleswari has risen from rags to riches an is a rural lady who made it up to Olympics in the Weigh tilting category.

Karanam Malleswari

Malleswari ha narrated her story and what sort of troubles she had to face to cm to the level of Olympics. A lady director will be doing the more for Kona Venkat it is reported.

Kona Venkat who is in the midst of Nishabdam with Anushka has revealed this. Malleswharis story will definitely be an inspiration for the girls who would like to become the weight lifters.