covid 19

The cases of Corona are rising in the country while the Government is easing the lockdown norms. Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are recording more positive case day in and day out.

9000 cases a day in the country is very high. The lockdown has been successfully implemented in all the state, but the norms are being eased the cases are rising.

It is a cause for concern for both the states and also the centre. It will easily take a year for the Vaccine to be launched for the usage of human beings.

both India and America together are worked for the Vaccine against the Cpvod 19. American Prim Minister Trump and also the Indian Prime Minister Modi appreciated the work of the Scientists in this regard.

Whil the Chief Ministers Jagan and KCR brushed the Corona as a regular fever which can be cured with a Paracemtamol, they are now convinced and have come to a conclusion that people have to live with the Corona for some more time.

There is no other way. Physical distancing is the only option with which we can tide over the crisis.

The Telangana Government has already arranged around 1500 beds at the sports complex in gachchbowli in can see of the spurt in the cases of Corona fever.