CMs sons including the present CMs son are the main contestant in the prestigious Karnataka elections to be held on May 12th and the results are to be declared on May 15nth. There is neck to neck competition and the other popular and prominent contestants are from the Gali Janardhan Reddy the mining barons family. One can say it is one of the richest and keenly contested elections which would give a direction to the peoples thinking for the future.

The BJP is trying to make it as a fight between the Hindus and Muslims. They are also pitching the issue of construction of Ram Mandir.

IT raids are being conducted to see if any money was being hoarded for the elections. There are rumours that the TDP chief Chandrababu has sent in around Rs 100 crore from AP for this election. Guntur MP Galla Jaydev who is a relative of hero Mahesh Babu who has battery business is said to have done the arrangement for getting the battery order from the State Government of Karnataka.

 8 Contestants in Karnataka are CMs sons

Now it is for sure that the BJP will not leave Chandrababu at any cost and would put him in the CBI dragnet. If not Babu his son Lokesh could face the music in future. Amit Shah the BJP chief is also very keen to take on Chandrababu as he has accused his son of corruption.

The sample surveys and opinions polls reveal that both the BJP and the Congress are neck to neck and they are getting around 90 seats each while they required more than 113 to form the Government. Now the JD will be the kingmaker here. JD with others parties is likely to take around 40 seats and this will be the deciding factor for Congress or BJP. It has to be seen as to whom would Devegowda support in the formation of the next government in Karnataka.