As predicted Siva Jyothi is out of the Big Boss the reality contest. Now 5 contestants are remaining in the reality show. Sreemukhi ,Baba Bhaskar, Ali ,Varun and Rahul are in the show for the final.

Siva Jyothi who is out of the show maintained her dignity by saying that all are good and everything was alright. Talking in a TV show after coming out of the Big Boss Show, Jyothi said that Babu Bhaskar was very possessive and selfish.

She said that people must follow the give and take the policy and should not be very selfish. But Jyothi was unhappy that she got eliminated after doing a good job. She did not get the required votes when compared to other contestants.

But this elimination was expected by the people and also other contestants. There is a talk that Rahul and Sreemukhi would come to the top and that Sreemukhi could win the contest in the end.

But we do not know this is Big Boss, even Baba Bhaskar might make it in the end by giving a surprise to the audience and other contestants. The element of surprise is the key for the game called the Big Boss.

Now that a few weeks are left, the game is becoming interesting by the day.