mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu the Maharshi star is in demand these days. The directors in Tollywood want to make a movie with him somehow or the other. Rajamouli the Baahubali director who is making RRR these days has announced that after the RRR he will work with Mahesh Babu.

Parasuram the director of Geeta Govindam is getting the story ready for Mahesh Babu.

Koratala Shiva and Vamsi paididipally already have the stories ready for Mahesh Babu.

But so far Mahesh did not reveal as to whom he is working with. Venki Kudumala is another director who is trying to make a movie with Mahesh. He has got the script ready for narration. he is trying to get some time out of Mahesh.

Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Vanga is also trying to meet to finalise a movie with Mahesh. earlier he has given a line to Mahesh and the superstar has asked him to develop the storyline suiting his requirements.

So in his form, most of the top directors of the industry are travelling around Mahesh for getting an opportunity.