Outraged by the gruesome murder of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad, over 3 lakh people have signed a petition seeing justice for her.

Started by Dr Shantanu Kodape from Mumbai, the petition has gathered 3 lakh supporters in just 24 hours and continues to grow rapidly.

In the petition, Dr Shantanu Kodape says “For women working hard day and night, it is very tough because there are demons roaming freely. A humble request to all who can make some changes, to please take one step against such heinous crimes.”

Petition link:

Like Dr Shantanu Kodape’s petition, at least 30 other petitions have been started on on the same issue seeking strict punishment for the perpetrators and justice for Dr Priyanka Reddy. All of them have gathered thousands of signatures and are being extensively shared on various social media channels, reflecting public outrage.