Chiru Mahesh


Mahesh Babu is asking for the moon and the producers are ready to pay him. Koratala Shiva has struck a deal with Mahesh Babu for Konidela Production under his direction.

Mahesh has given 30 days for the movie and the duration will be for about 30 minutes with Chiranjeevi. Syera Narsimha Reddy has not done any wonders, so Koratal thought that it is better to add Mahesh like a catalyst to the movie Acharya.

Even if you work for a year, sometimes you may not get 30 cores, but for 30 days Mahesh is getting the same and he has readily agreed to it. The result will be a blockbuster.

Manisharma is doing the music for a long time for Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu that makes all the difference. On the other hand, Mahesh is also doing Ad films by which he could be getting crores in a phased manner.

By the time he starts a full-fledged movie, Mahesh will be easily making 100 crores in 6 months time. This is called as making the hay while the Sun Shines.