24 Kisses Movie

This is purely kissing season for movies. Earlier just touching the lip was a big sensation. The lip to lip was a big move in the movies. Now without kissing there is no movie. Like an item, song kissing is also a must these days. People are forgetting item songs and they are now looking at leading ladies who would dare to kiss.

Now the latest is that the title of the movie is 24 kisses and the poster is also made with the kissing scene. RDx is the movie which has made all the difference to the cinema industry. RD x leading lady has also got a lot of demand now.

24 kisses

The trailer of the movie with the kissing scene is very popular on the net. Hebba Patel is the leading lady and people say she has done some bold scenes. Bhairava Geeta is the other movie which is in the race at this point in time. It is an RGV movie and has bold content. Its an inspiration of RDX by RGV it is reported.

We have to see how the people would respond to these movies.