Two films are in the pipe line one about Bal Thakrey directly and the other about Thakrey indirectly. One is being directed by RGV as Sarkaar 3 and the other is being made by the family members of Thakrey and the hero is supposed to be Akshay Kumar as of now.

2 films on Bal Thakrey

RGV is making Sarkar 3 and there is no confirmation from Big B side if he is again playing the Sarkar with RGV. Ram Gopal Varma the once-great and controversial director is making his third film in the Sarkar franchise with Amitabh Bachchan reprising his role of Subhash ‘Sarkar’ Nagre. 

The film will not feature Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who took on the mantle of the Nagre family after Abhishek is murdered by his enemies in Sarkar Raj. It has to be seen what would be the answer from Amitabh. But as of now RGV hopes he is making Sarkar with the Big B of the industry.