15 Dhoni cricket academies in Telangana


Like other cricketers, Dhoni is also stepping into Business in his own way. Some are into real estate, some others into food business and most of them are in teaching cricket. Doni also chose to continue in cricket.

India’s most successful captain MS Dhoni is set to launch his cricket academy, MS Dhoni Cricket Academy, in Telangana.

The state Government will identify sites for the proposed 15 academies in the State in the next two years.

Dhoni said that the main reason for launching it is to provide infrastructure, which they suffered to find while starting their career, to the talented players in rural places.

Dhoni and his partners will set up the academies in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, barring Bengaluru, along with Telangana and targeting at least 20-25 centres each in the State in next two years.

The first of such academy will be functional at Bellary from April this year. Dhoni is also venturing into education with MS Dhoni Global School set to be open in Bengaluru next June.