100 crore for just digital rights: Salaar


The KGF director Prashant Neel is commanding the industry these days. Added to this is the personality of Prabhas the darling of the Indian Film Industry.

For a Pan Indian movie Prabhas is commanding 100 crore it is reported. Now his movie Salaar directed by Prashant in 5 languages is getting around 100 crore for just digital rights from Amazon.

It looks as if Prabahs is ruling the Indian Film Industry after the success of Baahubali. There is no looking back after Baahubali. His Radheshyam is ready for release.

Prabhas is also doing Aadipurush which is also Pan India movie with Saif Ali Khan as Ravana. Here Prabhas is Lord Rama. They are planning to take Deepika Padukone as Sita it is reported.

More than 1000 crore are riding on the back of Prabhas in the Indian Film Industry these days. His family are members are bothered about the marriage of Prabhas.

There is talk that the marriage of Prabhas has already been fixed and the details are kept under wraps. Prabhas is crossing 40 and it is time that he gets married.