huzurnagar Votes

Ten percent of the polling has been recorded at Huzoornagar in the first hour of polling. Both the Congress and the TRS are trying to rush the voters to polling booths as there is a chance of rain coming in today.

The rain may disrupt the polling process.

The TRS has an edge over the Congress at Huzurnagar. TRS is ahead in the campaign here and if K Chandrasekhar Rao the TRS chief could make it for the public meeting then the majority would have been higher.

Heavy rain played the spoilsport for KCR. Now the TRS cadres are going to every house and campaigning for the party. The Congress party under the leadership of Palla Rajeshwar Reddy has also done its best. They are trying to retain the seat for the party.

The BJP and the TDP are just the marginal players here at Huzurnagar. This time the people are keeping quite and it is difficult to get the real pulse.

The TRS President KCR is running the campaign with Palla Rajeshwar the MLC in the front. KTR has addressed one big rally earlier and the response was good.

The meeting addressed by Uttam Kumar and Revanth Reddy was also attended by the public in a big way. But whoever wins will not have a big majority.

There is a talk that the RTC strike and Bandh will have some impact on the election.

Today is the polling day for Huzoornagar. The TRS candidate has lost with a slender margin here. This election will make a lot of difference for both the parties and it can be marked as a game-changer.