10/10 in Khammam says KCR- 411 schemes


I am trying to speak all the truth and facts here said, K Chandrasekhar Rao, the caretaker CM of Telangana. KCR was campaigning for his friend and Paleru Constituency in Khammam district.We have Bhadradri and Godavari in the east of Telangana and Khammam has good and senior politicians he said. We will get 10/10 in Khammam said KCR. Some people will twist things and float things in Khammam for their selfish ends he pointed out. We walked the talk and implemented the election manifesto in toto and also more than the promises he said.


One Congress house built is equal to 7 houses in TRS regime he said. Our quality and space are better than those of the Congress houses for the poor. There might be a delay of some six months, but you will get the house he said.Why did the Congress not do what all that was promised he questioned? What the TDP do for 16 years, what did the Congress do for 40 years he asked. 411 schemes for the poor and needy and we are the best and first in the country he explained.

Government employees of all sectors are drawing good salaries when compared to other states he pointed out.What did the so-called rulers and Congress do for the state? What about the power situation? Why they could not do for so many years he questioned?Vote for TRS and continue the development he advised the people.