Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Modi announced a crore loan for small and medium enterprises and that too in just 59 minutes. He was answering to the comments of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi that the BJP government was not coming to the rescue of the MSMEs.

This was part of the Diwali gifts that the Modi Government has announced for the small and medium scale industries. He was speaking at Vigyan Bhavan.

Prime Minister Modi

Think just 59 minutes and only 59 minutes Modi announced amidst applause from the audience. The loans up to 1 crore will also get a relief of 2 per cent Modi announced. This is part of the central Government outreach to the small businesses.

Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader has been harping on the fact that the small and medium businesses were shutting down as the Government was not proactive and was not supporting them.

Overall there is a change in the outlook of the BJP government and it looks like they are changing for the good and by the time elections are announced there could be more sops for the businessmen and the common man.